The University of Virginia School of Law is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. The school specializes in a variety of law programs including International Law and Law and Literature. Because of its location, students have the chance to enjoy both a quiet campus and learning environment and the excitement and night life in the city of Charlottesville.

The school operates on a strict honor system and expects students to put academics before extracurricular and social activities. If students are accused of cheating or academic dishonesty, they are tried before a jury of their peers. If convicted, students are expelled from the school. This process has helped keep students honest and trustworthy during their time at the university.

Students have the option to join a variety of sorority or fraternity houses or may live in campus dorms or off campus. The low cost of living in Charlottesville allows many students the ability to afford apartment or rental homes near the campus. Student housing expenses cost approximately $19,200 a year.

There are many school activities for students to take part in aside from studying. Softball is a popular sport at the University of Virginia. Law students can also participate in the yearly Libel Show where students make jokes and funny skits about the different aspects of law. Students can also enjoy the various activities in Charlottesville such as movie theaters and bowling alleys.

There are several organizations that let students give back to their community and gain experience. These pro-bono services can range from volunteering at the local humane society or working with veteran to help them receive their disability claims. These programs allow students to use the skills they have learned in class in real life situations and helps familiarize them with laws and policies in different situations.

The University of Virginia School of Law has several notable alumni members including the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and the New York Times cross-word puzzle editor, Will Shortz.

Specialties: Law and Literature, International Law, Animal Law

Tuition: $42,500 -$47,500

Number of Applications: 7,880

Percentage Offered Admission: 14.8 %

Total Enrolment: 1,105

GPA 75th / 25th percentiles: 3.64-3.87

LSAT 75th / 25th percentiles: 162-170

Application Deadline: March 1

Application Fee: $75