Occupying a prime position in Lower Manhattan’s cosmopolitan Greenwich Village, New York University (NYU) Law School, founded in 1835, presents an alluring option for students wishing to pass the bar. The university consistently achieves a top ten ranking for law schools in the US, regularly outranking several Ivy-League schools. Those lucky enough to study at NYU can look forward to a challenging environment with excellent prospects for job placement following graduation.

The faculty at NYU boasts significant specialities, but special mention must be given to its expertise and recognition in the areas of clinical training, tax law, intellectual property and trial advocacy law. Students complete a designated curriculum in their first year and a portion of their second, choosing from a diverse selection of elective courses in order to complete the coursework requirements. First year students are taught in large groups of more than 100 students. Group sizes are usually reduced to less than 25 students in the upper-level sections. The university boasts a notable 9.6 to 1 student-faculty ratio.

The New York University Law School admissions department attracts over 7,000 applicants each year. Applications cost $75 and must be received by the annual deadline of February 1. A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) and Law Schools Admission Test (LSAT) results feature heavily in the decision making process. Ethic diversity and a demonstrable dedication to public service are also especially valued. Students lucky enough to gain one of the 450 hotly contested places can expect to pay in the region of $44,820 in annual tuition fees. Several prestigious scholarships are available to those students submitting an excellent standard of additional essays.

Successful applicants enjoy a varied and sophisticated law school experience. In the first year, students take part in an interactive opportunity to practice their legal skills in the school’s Lawyering Program. Second and third year students can broaden their skill set at more than 30 legal clinics and around 25 on-campus centers. Joint degrees are offered to those students wishing to study at complementary NYU schools like the Stern School of Business or at third party institutions such as the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. More than 95% of graduates pass the New York Bar exam on their first attempt and can expect to receive highly remunerated job offers.

Of course, student life is not solely about study. Residing in one of the most exciting cities in the world has attractions outside of school work. Students enjoy an effortless dynamic environment with its endless amenities in the heart of vibrant New York.

To find out more about the attractive possibilities presented by New York University Law School, visit law.nyu.edu.