Columbia University Law School is located in New York and was founded in 1858. It is considered one of the best law schools in the United States. The average classroom size at the ivy-league school is 400 students. The application process at Columbia is extremely competitive. The school receives around 8,500 applications each year, but only accepts around 1,500 students into their law program.

Part of Columbia’s appeal to students is its willingness to help them in any situation. The university offers special programs for students that are interested in specific areas. Students are also offered the chance to study abroad in one of ten countries or explore the different areas and types of law at one of the 30 centers on campus.

Because of its location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the Columbia campus offers students a variety of off-campus entertainment options that include exploring the city’s night life, and visiting the various bars, clubs and restaurants. Many students also enjoy the many attractions and sight seeing opportunities of the big city. Student can also participate in various school activities such as sports or contributing to the school newspaper.

Columbia offers both on and off campus housing. Student who choose to live on campus, typically reside in dorms. Others may choose to live in sorority or frat houses on or near campus or in one of the many apartment complexes within walking distance of the college. The yearly cost of on-campus housing is around $16,500.

Approximately 95% of Columbia Law School students pass their bar exams on the first try. Upon passing the exam, almost all students go on to find jobs at one of the top 20 law firms in the United States. 10% of students go on to find clerkships. This success rate is one of the reasons Columbia receives so many applications each year.

Columbia has several notable alumni including former president Theodore Roosevelt, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many of the top law firm owners in the United States also attended or graduation from Columbia.

Specialties: Intellectual Property and Tax Law

Tuition: $50,428

Number of Applications: 8,500

Percentage Offered Admission: 17.6%

Total Enrolment:1,343

GPA 75th / 25th percentiles: 3.61-3.82

LSAT 75th / 25th percentiles: 170-175

Application Deadline: February 15

Application Fee: $75

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