Course Curriculum

Our course includes comprehensive tutorials covering all of the concepts and questions found on the LSAT. We also offer additional practice and instructor assistance.

Logical Reasoning

  • Argument Analysis
  • Approaching the Question Stem
  • Identifying Premises and Conclusions
  • Question Types
  • Identify the Conclusion or Main Point
  • Strengthen the Conclusion
  • Weaken the Conclusion
  • Sufficient Assumptions
  • Must Be True Questions
  • Most Supported Questions
  • Cannot be True Questions
  • Formal Logic/Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
  • Unless in Formal Logic
  • Point of Contention
  • Point of Agreement
  • Assumption Questions
  • Paradox and Discrepancy Questions
  • Method of Reasoning
  • Evaluate the Argument
  • Flawed Reasoning
  • Parallel Reasoning & Flawed Parallel Reasoning
  • Principle Questions

Reading Comprehension

  • Transition Words
  • View Points
  • Main Point
  • Structure
  • Notations & Marking up the Passage
  • Question Types
  • Approaching the Questions
  • Question Features
  • Details and Line References
  • Biological and Physical Science Passages
  • Law Passages
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Passages
  • Comparative Reading Passages
  • Comparative Reading Special Question Types

Logic Games

  • Introduction to Games
  • Setups and Diagramming
  • Short-Hand Notation for Rules
  • Questions Types
  • Basic Ordering Games
  • Advanced Ordering Games
  • Relative Ordering Games
  • Grouping Games
  • Grouping Game Diagrams
  • Hybrid Games
  • Limited Options Technique
  • Additional Game Types and Practice Questions
  • Formal Logic & the Contra-Positive
  • Diagramming Formal Logic for Games
  • Improvement Drill Technique

Additional Practice

  • Assignments to reinforce tutorial topics
  • Practice questions and full animated explanations
  • Practice quizzes
  • Actual LSAT exams
  • Only actual LSAT questions

Instructor Assistance

  • 48 hour email response for additional help
  • Additional assistance and tutoring packages available
  • Included with LSAT Extreme Online:
    • Consultation for goals and time requirements
    • Customized study plan
    • 6 hours of personal online tutoring in animated classroom
    • Additional homework and practice assignments customized to your areas of need
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