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Alpha Score provided an excellent and well-rounded program that helped not only with my LSAT but with my entire law school application process. Alpha Score’s instructor was very knowledgeable and had great teaching skills. Having experienced another LSAT program, I noticed that Alpha Score will go out of its way to find high-scorers who had excellent teaching skills to be its instructors. Alpha Score was able to help me tackle the challenges of the LSAT, and its guidance in the overall application process helped me secure a place in one of Canada’s top law schools. I would highly recommend Alpha Score to anyone who is serious about securing one of these very competitive spots in today’s law schools.- Edward Wang, Vancouver, British Columbia
Thank you so much for providing the LSAT course. I paid top-dollar for a popular prep course and unfortunately I did not make much progress. With your LSAT course I have been able to learn at my own pace. What I felt at one point I would be unable to learn has now 'clicked' with me thanks to you!- Diana Ruvalcaba, Brawley California
I just wanted to tell you that your site is extremely helpful. I just took an LSAT preparation course that cost $500.00. I have spent about one hour on your site and I have learned more in that hour than I did in the entire 30 hour course. How can I ever thank you?- Sandra Smith, Toronto, Ontario
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