One of the nation’s oldest law schools, the University of Pennsylvania Law School continues to attract the best and brightest law school applicants on a yearly basis. It is rated as one of the top law schools available today. It is an Ivy League college that is located in a lovely urban location within Pennsylvania. The institution was founded in 1790 and offers a private learning environment to its students. The campus is held within several different buildings that are located on a large grassy area. It is located near many different attractions that students can visit when they are not busy with their studies. The law school has recently renovated its entire facility in order to provide a better learning environment for their students.

Gaining accepted into the institution is difficult, but those who are accepted are offered one of the top educational opportunities available throughout the entire nation. The university chooses students who show determination, curiosity and intellect both inside and outside of the classroom. Although the admission process is precise, the university is filled with a student body that is diverse, well-educated and talented. The institution allows students to create their own area of certification to specialize in by completing a few extra classes during enrollment. The unique certification allows students to attend a program that fits their unique educational goals so they can advance their skills and obtain the law career of their choice. Law students are also given the opportunity to earn an additional law degree in just three years upon completion of the program.

If you are looking for a law school that offers a cross-disciplinary slant, a great location and exceptional educational opportunities for their students, The University of Pennsylvania may be right choice for you. The university promises success and skills to their students that they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.

Tuition fees: $45,340

Number of applicants: 6,022

Room and board fees: $13,132

Total facility: 116

Careers obtained: 96.5%

Percent offered admission: 14%

Total of accepted applicants: 252

Enrollment (Full time): 802

LSAT 25th-75th percentiles: 166-171

GPA 25th-75th percentiles: 3.59-3.90

Application deadline: February 1

Application fee: $80.00