Question Types in Logical Reasoning

The logical reasoning section of the LSAT includes the following question types:

  1. Identify the Conclusion
  2. Strengthen the Conclusion
  3. Weaken the Conclusion
  4. Point of Contention
  5. Point of Agreement
  6. Must be True
  7. Most Supported
  8. Assumption
  9. Sufficient Assumption
  10. Paradox/Discrepancy
  11. Method of Reasoning
  12. Flawed Reasoning
  13. Parallel Reasoning and Flawed Parallel Reasoning
  14. Evaluate the Argument
  15. Cannot be True
  16. Principle Questions

This course will take you through each of the question types listed here and teach you how to approach them, understand them and succeed on them. We will also provide you with examples of each question type to learn from. First let’s look at the identify the conclusion questions.

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