Free Online LSAT Prep Resources

LSAT Video Lessons – Check out these YouTube video tips and tutorials to help you out with the LSAT. Get more videos in our LSAT Prep Course.

Free LSAT Practice Tests – here are some actual LSAT tests that you can try online or print out and try at home.

Trial LSAT Course – Video Lessons and Tutorials – this is a trial version of our complete online LSAT course covering all areas of the LSAT with video lessons, interactive tutorials, quizzes, official LSAT practice exams and more.

Free LSAT Course and Explanations – this basic course has tutorials and practice questions as well as explanations for the June 2007 LSAT practice test.

LSAT Virtual Proctor – an LSAT timer and virtual proctor that will help you simulate an actual LSAT exam.

LSAT Study Schedule – a complete 90-100 hrs. LSAT study schedule.

Need some extra help? We offer interactive online one on one tutoring with one of our professional LSAT instructors. Check it out here LSAT tutoring

Additional LSAT information and articles on questions, strategies and LSAT preparation

LSAT Score Conversion – a complete conversion chart and information on converting your LSAT score from a raw score to a scaled score and percentile rank

LSAT FAQs – some frequently asked questions and answers about the LSAT

Questions regarding the LSAT or LSAT prep? If you have a question regarding the LSAT or LSAT preparation, send us an email.

Alpha Score Seminars Inc.

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